Being an Entrepreneur

In previous time, I read an article about Business plan. That article told a story about 2 men who wanted to be entrepreneurs. They took 2 different steps, first man made a business directly after attending seminar class. The second man made a business plan first.

In first time, the first man found an agent and customers easily and obtained huge profit. Then, he visited his friend a.k.a second man. The second man hadn’t started his business yet, he made a clear plan first. He asked some respondents about his products, then he came to his friend who is working in HRD division, he came to law consultant to know more about economic Law, and other preparations.

The first man laughed at him and told him that he didn’t need to prepare as well as he did. But the second man could stay in his opinion. 6 months later, the second man started his business then he visited the first man to know his conditions. Can you guess what the first man conditions were? He had nothing because his workers left him, and he didn’t make his company as legal company (Such as PT, or others), and he had to pay much money to cover the obligations.

A learning I took from this is how to make a good business as a young businessman and don’t forget to make the Planning first, then Action!!!… Of course planning is nothing without action.



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