Learning from Japanese Man

In this note, I’m gonna tell you a story we did with Japanese man on February, 2nd 2013. Recently, our Laboratory has something to do for Laser Vibrometer which belongs to Prof. Huang. We worked together with Japanese man to repair the laser vibrometer.

In previous meeting, we agreed that the Japanese will solve the problem, but he required us to do something for him and also we have to provide the needed data and other equipment.

Today, he started working in the area where we prepared in our Laboratory. He did something, but we had no idea what he was doing until our Professor came to the lab and discussed with us until they made a deal.

After Professor left us, he invited us to visit his office downstairs. He explained about how to put something in workspace, and he wanted us to do the same thing for our Lab. Then, we started working.

The first regulation he said was “everyone has to clean the one equipment.” We were not allowed to get two. I did a wrong process in cleaning, and I was given a warning, then he taught us a technique how to clean the equipment. After that, we opened the equipment and cleaned the inside carefully because the equipment must not be broken.

After we finished cleaning the equipment, he asked us to check whether the equipment still works or not. There was no one of us who have ever used that equipment; therefore we couldn’t do anything except praying to God that the equipment will be ok.

The Japanese man didn’t explain to us how to use it; he let us think about it first. I was lucky because Yiwei shuei zhang is smart, he could use signal generator and got the result even he has never used that equipment before.

While the japanese man was inside the Lab, we hide the equipments outside because if we didn’t hide them, maybe we will work until midnight, he is a very accurate man. Anyway, it was great experience; we could learn many things today.

a few things we can learn from this Japanese man:

– If you want to work, please make your area comfortable for working.

– Put everything in one area so we can find them easily.

– We have to do the maintenance at least once in 2 years.

– Clean your equipments so that there is no dust there.

– Do not only See, you have to Look and Watch.

– Do not teach the students directly, let them think first then explained it.


Thank you Mr. Toshi, thank you my friends. I hope we can learn the other things next time, Amin.


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