Dynamic characteristic

Have you ever heard about dynamic characteristic? If you haven’t heard it yet, let me tell you what the dynamic characteristic is.

Dynamic is something moves, characteristic is something which distinguishes a thing from others. If we combine those words, we could find the definition of dynamic characteristic. Based on my definition, Dynamic characteristic are something available in a structure and relate to the movement. 

There are three dynamic characteristic:

1. Natural Frequency

To understand the definition of natural frequency, I’ll give you an analogy. Assume you like pop music, and when you hear the pop music, you dance strongly… The same analogy can be expressed to Natural Frequency, if a structure receives a frequency and in that frequency, the structure vibrates strongly, that value is natural frequency.

2. Mode shapes

Mode shapes is deformation shape of the structure in it’s natural frequency. For example, a cantilevered beam’s 1st natural frequency is 20 Hz. When the beam receives 20 Hz, the deformation shape of cantilevered beam is sinusoidal, therefore the 1st mode shapes is sinusoidal.

3. Damping ratio

Damping ratio is utilized to get the damping value of the structure..

Those are the little explanation about dynamic characteristic, I hope you can enjoy this.


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