Husband =丈夫

Today, I studied Mandarin. My class emphasizes in speaking, but my teacher also taught a few Chinese words, therefore we know Chinese words a little bit.

During the class, the teacher taught us a word which was very interesting, especially for me. That word is “丈夫”.   The meaning of that word is Husband. Why that word is very interesting for me?

Let me tell you a philosophy of that word. Look at that word, there is still a line above the horizontal line. In Chinese traditional alphabet (especially in Taiwan), if a word still has a line above the horizontal line, it means that thing is very valuable more than sky. So, for traditional Chinese people, a husband is a very valuable for a wife.

I was amazed due to the meaning. That word means a wife must obey her husband. She has to make her husband happy, smile, and gives the peaceful. It similar to Islam regulation, a wife has to obey her husband, she is not allowed to go away except her husband allows her.

There are some similarities between Chinese cultures and Islam regulation. I am proud of Chinese people who are still keeping their cultures, their cultures are very amazing. Let’s learn Chinese, it was very interesting.

Islam and Chinese Culture

Islam and Chinese Culture


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