Famous movie in 1970’s era

Today, my roommate watched a movie. It was a famous movie in 1970’s era. That movie told about a love story between Roma (starred by Rhoma Irama) and Ani (Starred by Yati Octavia). In that story, Ani is a daughter of a company director.  And Roma is a son of the company owner.

One day, Rhoma’s friend was sick and he needed 150 thousand Rupiahs to cover medicine fee. Rhoma asked his father to give the money, but his father denied it. Finally, Rhoma stole a bag from a woman (Ani). A few days later, Rhoma gave her bag back and told her the reason why he did it (Rhoma mentioned his name Budi).

After that, Ani invited Budi (a.k.a Rhoma) to meet her dad, and her father asked Budi to be a car driver. During his period being a car driver, Ani and Budi were falling in Love, they often went outside together until one day Rhoma’s Dad a.k.a Ani’s father’s Boss came to visit Ani’s father.

During his visitation, Rhoma’s Dad wanted to marry Rhoma with Ani after Rhoma finish his study. Any was surprised and told Budi what her father want. They were sad, but Budi is a good man, he comforted Ani by explaining that what her Father wanted was for her goodness.

A few days after visitation, Rhoma’s dad came again to Ani’s father’s house and he was surprised since his son being a car driver. Rhoma’s father told Ani’s family that he had lost Rhoma for few months and how happy he was when he met his son again.

Ani and Rhoma thanked to God since they would get married soon and their parents agreed their love. Finally, they got married and be a happy family after ever.

Rhoma Irama and Yati Octavia

Rhoma Irama and Yati Octavia


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