Hisgh Speed Railway

Suddenly, Pak Hoi called me and asked me when we would go to Taoyuan International Airport to create a video movie. I was a little bit surprised since I had no plan to create a movie there (I thought we only need some pictures from the internet).

As we know, I am an accommodation division coordinator, and my main job is picking some people from Airport to Taichung, therefore I need to create a video movie to guide students or speakers from Taoyuan to Taichung.

In that movie, I explained how to get Taichung from Taoyuan International Airport. There are some manners to get Taichung. We only provided 2 ways, first is using bus and the second is using High Speed Railways (HSR).

Since we provided HSR ways, we had no other choice anymore except trying to use HSR. I thanked to God due to the price. I only spent 155 NTD from Taoyuan to Taipei. The HSR ticket’s price is not too different from Bus Ticket (Taoyuan-Taipei).

This is the first time I used HSR, I am very happy because I didn’t think that I could get it today, Alhamdulillah. (FYI : I only spent around 17 minutes from Taoyuan to Taipei)

High Speed Railway (HSR)

High Speed Railway (HSR)


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