Wo Yao Yinni Ren

Today, I visited Tamkang University (淡江大學) to discuss with Prof. Ching-Lung Tsay about Labor Situation in Indonesia and Migration Workers in Taiwan. Prof. Ching-Lung Tsay is a Professor in Institute of Asian Studies, Tamkang University. He is very interested in Indonesian Labor.

We discussed many things there, I will not talk in detail about our conversation because It will take so long, and also PPI Taiwan will release the discussion’s note.

I want to point out an interesting story. One day, there was a family who wanted to find a caretaker for “Akong” and “Ama”. There was a requirement from Akong and Ama, they required Indonesian People who would look after them.

“ Wo meun Yao Yinni ren”. Akong and Amma said.

The professor told me that in some Taiwanese people opinion, Indonesian people could take care of “Akong” and “Amma” very well.

Suddenly, It reminded me to our culture. In our culture, young people should listen and obey what elderly said. Besides that, the students have to do so to the teacher. That culture educates us to respect to the elderly, therefore old people feel safe and happy. That’s why most Taiwanese like Yinni ren more than others country’s workers.

I am happy since there is a Professor who are very aware of Indonesian Labor situation in Taiwan. I hope the worker’s problems which happened in Taiwan will be reduced, Amiin.



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