The honest taxi driver

Let me tell you a story about Taiwan people during my journey to Tainan 2 days ago. I had something to do in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) on Sunday, so I prepared all things which I needed on Saturday night. After I finished “Kajian Gabungan”, I prepared myself to go to Tainan. I left the school at 1:00 AM, and I took a taxi to get Taipei Main Station (TMS). I told to the driver “Taipei Sechan”.

that was not the first time I took the taxi, I had done 3 times before, so I knew very well how to get TMS. I was surprised when the driver didn’t go to the right way, I was angry to the driver due to my taxi bill was 275 NTD (based on the Argo I seen on the screen). I told him that the price was very high and that value was very different from the bill I used to pay (around 180 NTD). I also told him that I didn’t need to spend more than 20 minutes to get TMS in the night, but I spent around 40 minutes. Can you guess what he did? He closed the Argo and said that I only needed to pay 200 NTD.

It is very different from Taxi driver in Indonesia. Almost taxi drivers in Indonesia are not honest, they emphasize in profit, not in customer’s satisfaction. They don’t care about customers, they just pick up the passengers and take money from them.

The honest taxi driver made me realize that Taiwanese people are very kind. I got scholarship from NTUST, and I got facility here to improve my skill to be a great engineer, and also I have good friends here, Thank you Taiwan.




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