Right Time and Right Place

I began my day by studying Finite Element Class, and then I went to the Lab to study, watch movie, and learn English and Chinese.

My friends in the lab wanted to make a surprise for one of the seniors who had a birthday; we provided cakes and celebrated it together. I didn’t eat the cake directly because I was fasting, so I did stupid things until maghrib came. Finally, I ate that cakes and it was the delicious cake dude, thank you for the cakes.

At night before going home, I went to the restroom to do something that you usually do every morning (censored). When I went to the lab again, I met my friend (not my lab friend) and he gave me a last year exam question of Advance Engineering Math Class.

Before sleeping, I took exercise by jogging for 20 minutes. Suddenly, the rainy came and everybody who jogged had to stop it. At that time, I had already finished it.

I thanked to God because I was at the right place and in the right time, therefore I could get a delicious cake, last year exam, and exercise, Alhamdulillah.


Maka Nikmat Tuhan mana lagikah yang kalian dustakan?


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