Nice Laoban

Today, I had a chance to follow Raker (Raker means explaining the works among departments or among regions). In that case, I explained my jobs as Governor of Utaratu Region. I told clearly our plans because we had discussed it first in Utaratu itself.

I will not tell in detail about Raker because FORMMIT Department of Media will announce the content of Raker. I just want to tell about a person who is very humble, very nice, and always helps many people.

We usually call him Laoban, Laoban means boss. He is the owner of Indonesian shop in Dayuan. In the 2nd day, there was our friend who had just arrived in Taoyuan Airport. He needed someone to pick him up from the airport because there is no public transportation to get Dayuan Mosque. At that time, there were no people who could pick him up, therefore we waited for the people who could pick him up.

I saw Laoban arrived from picking up the package. I saw him was very tired, so I wasn’t brave enough to ask him picking someone. But, I am lucky because he is very nice. Even though he was very tired, he helped us to pick my friend from the airport to Dayuan Mosque. Subhanallah, he is really good man.

If you help other people, may Allah helps you. I hope Allah always gives him the blessings, Amiin.


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