Engineering Acoustic

What do you think about “Acoustic”?

Are you thinking about musical instrument? Or what?

Some people might think the musical instrument when they are asked to describe the definition of acoustic. Is it wrong? No, it isn’t. Study of acoustic characteristic of musical instrument is one of the engineering acoustic fields.

Engineering acoustic is a knowledge related to sound and vibration. Sound is mechanical wave which propagate through the liquid medium. There are 2 main rules of sound. First one is good sound, and the second one is bad sound.

Musical instruments and loudspeaker in computer are examples of Good sounds, some engineers want to develop their sound qualities.

How about the engine noise? Environmental noise? Do the engineers or scientists want to develop them? Of course not. Do you know why? Because those are bad noises.

Engineering acoustic area is not only for improving the sound quality, but also for reducing the bad sound. Engineering acoustic is also related to mechanical vibration, therefore one of the main researches in Mechanical Engineering Department is about the sound and vibration.


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