The Most Difficult Part Being Far Away

I talked with my friend from Cirebon. She finished his Bachelor and Master Degree in ITB. Now, she is a software engineer in a company in Bandung. I have already known her since we were Senior High School. She was SMAN 1 Cirebon student, I met her in a Math competition in Unswagati.

I asked her how to be a Lecturer in ITB since she has ever told me that she also wanted to be a Lecturer in ITB. On the other hand, she asked me whether studying PhD abroad is good option or not. I told her that studying outside is good if you are in Big city and there are many Indonesian Students there. If you are alone, you will be stressful.

She is still confused whether she will continue her PhD abroad or in ITB again. That moment made me realize that the most difficult part being far away is when something bad happened to my family. As the oldest children, I have to keep and guide my two younger sisters.

Ya ALLAH, Please keep my parents, and Please allow us to meet again in August 2014, Amiin. (Everybody who reads this note must say, “Amiiin”)


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