Good bye my uncle

Suddenly, I got message from my Dad this morning. he texted me to inform that my uncle had already passed away. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. My uncle is a good uncle, he used to visit my grandparents when they were alive. My uncle has 2 children (1 son, and 1 daughter). His son is 30 years old (he hasn’t been married yet), and his daughter is 25 years old. His daughter (my cousin) will go to Taiwan as TKI while I am studying as Master Student (how Lucky I am, alhamdulillah).

Their economy is not good as my parent’s right now even though 10 years ago they were richer. One thing that my uncle missed is Islamic education for his children. His children are not taught how to be a good moslem, so my cousins are involved in some bad things. When their economic was going down, they don’t have something which can be a foundation to live.  That’s why his daughter want to go abroad to get much money. I had already suggested my cousin not to go to Taiwan as TKW, but I had nothing to do to help their economy. One thing I still have is God, I hope God gives strength to my aunt and my cousins to face the reality, aamiin.

That moment reminded me that I have to be grateful since I still have parents (both of them). Ya ALLAH, please keep me and my parents, therefore we can meet again in August 2014, Aamiin. (everybody who reads this note must say “Aamiin”)


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