Acoustical Society of Indonesia (ASOI)

Recently, Technology development increases rapidly, especially for modern knowledge (Electrical, Physic Engineering, material science, Computer Science, Information technology, Renewable Energy, etc). The older knowledge such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc are more difficult to develop.

Due to the knowledge development, the mechanical engineers, civil engineers,  and other old engineers cooperate with other modern engineers to develop the products.

one of the commonly problems is about Vibration and Acoustics. Recently, people want to use the things easily, they want the products are comfortable for them, especially comfortable from Boise and Vibration, such as in the car, trucks, environmental noise, loudspeaker for smart phone, traditional music instruments, and many others. In USA, many engineers attempted to make it true by making an NGO which is called “Acoustical Society of America (ASA)“.

As a future Vibration and Acoustic Engineer, I have a dream to create an NGO insya Allah, I want to name it “Acoustical Society of Indonesia (ASOI)“. I hope, this society can enhance the acoustical technology development in Indonesia. We can develop the sound quality of traditional musical instruments, reduce the noise and Vibration for Kopaja or Metromini, reduce the noise generated by airplane, control the noise from the highway, and many other things. And maybe we can predict the maintenance by using sound analysis, 😀 . (Preparing for PhD)

Everybody who reads this note must say Aamiin



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