Don’t put the chili at the beginning

I and several friends had a new experience today, it was cooking. We cooked fried rice. At the beginning, the woman team provided the white rice first.

When the white rice was ready, the rice was divided into four parts. The first part was cooked by Erli, and the second part was cooked by me. I saw erli as a first chef put the onions, chili, paprika, carrots, corn, and ketchup to the pan, but I didn’t notice which one was put at the first, which one was put at the second, etc.

Then, the next was my turn. I put the oil, then onion. I mix the onion with the oil, and then I put the chili to the pan and mix them together. Do you know what happened then? It was a disaster.

After I mixed the chili to the pan, the whole room didn’t smell well anymore. We coughed due to the smoke produced by it. And erli told me that it was because I put the chili at the beginning. The chili must be mixed at the middle or at the end after all food are fixed.

Hahaha, it was good experience since I will not do that mistake anymore in the future. In an article, one of the romantic husband criteria is cooking ability. As a future romantic husband (Aamiin) I need to cook maybe once a week for my family,  and I don’t want to make it worse by terrible food, 😀


Master Chef (Credit : M Akmalul Ulya)


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