Some people think that teaching is standing in front of the class, explaining the material, giving the tasks, evaluating the results, and determining the grades. it is not wrong, but the definition of teaching is more than that. Teaching is not only to deliver the knowledge, it is also to educate people to be honest and responsible. Good teacher doesn’t force the students to study, they persuade them to do it. Teacher is also a motivator, friend, and parents for the students.

According to Prof. O’Neil (One of the outstanding professor in ME Dept of UCLA Berkeley), Teaching is to stimulate those who are extraordinary, to elevate those who feel average, and to inspire confidence in those who feel insecure. Those purposes could be achieved when teachers have good relationship with the students.

I’ve ever watched a Bill Gates’s speech about the feedback for teacher. In that speech, he told us what good education is, he also gave the examples of good education. Basically, there are many components that influence the education, such as facility, teacher, student, financial, and many others. Bill Gates emphasized on developing the teacher’s skill. In his opinion, the Government should spent 2 Billion USD to elevate the teacher’s skill. It is crazy, right? Will you spend the too much money in order to have the feedback for teacher? While health, transportation, military, and other area also need the financial support.

In my opinion, it is good idea because I’ve ever had the good experience with good teacher. I had a very inspirational teacher when I was senior high school student. He taught very well, and motivated us to work harder and harder. I was motivated, and I worked very hard to achieve my goal. I can’t imagined If all senior high school teacher are like him, the Indonesian Education would be very awesome. Aamiin.

Here is the Bill Gates’s Speech


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