4 things that should be avoided

During the internet era, posting the news, picture, or anything else is one of the daily life. Every people have social media account in order to connect with other people, publish something, or inform any news.  Using the gadget is also one of the life style recently.

Please remember, everything that has advantage, it also has disadvantages. (Except Islam). Here are 4 things which should be avoided . these 4 things might be not related directly to the gadget, but these 4 things are the effect of the gadget

1. Don’t let the children use the gadget until Senior high School

Some of you may think that this is conservative way not to let the children touch the gadget. It is actually correct. Why? Because Gadget is very easy to be learned. They can follow the gadget even if they start using it in Senior High School. But, how about their childhood time? They will lose it because time can’t come back.

2. Never use the gadget until 9:00 AM

Morning time is God’s blessing. Use it effectively. For same work load, you can do much better if you do it in the morning.

3. Don’t Sleep again after Fajr Prayer

Do’t sleep again after Fajr Prayer until sun rises since this is very good time to pray. Sometimes we use gadget on the bed during this time, therefore we will sleep unconsciously. this is Bad habit!

4. Don’t sleep after Midnight

Sleep earlier is better. Sometimes, we are disturbed by the information provided in the internet, therefore we are late to sleep. This is bad habit since it can cause many diseases.


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