Human has Sensitivity

Is there anybody who doesn’t know Bill Gates? I think everybody knows who he is. I don’t need to tell you about him anymore. As we know that he was the richest man in USA (2006). And according to Wikipedia, his net worth is US$81.1 billion (Jan. 2015).

an interested thing about him is about spending money. He and his wife built a Foundation that enhance the society, especially in Afrika. They spend Millions USD to develop the community. They are real rich people. If you look at their appearance in detail, their clothes, cars, and other things are very casual. The don’t use luxurious things.

Unfortunately, that behavior is not followed by poor people. Many poor people act differently. They spend money for clothes, cars, and gadgets in order to make people admire them. If you see the people like them, they are not rich people. They are poor people who act like rich people. The real rich people will not show others how rich they are.

This behavior has been exampled by prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions. They are rich people, but they spend their wealth properly. They help people, they built the society, mosques, and many others. But, they didn’t use their wealth for wrong purposes.

We must follow Rasulullah Muhammad SAW and his companion. And if we want to be great people like them, please use our resources properly, Utilize them to improve the society. You will have the satisfaction. Trust me!!!

Here is the interview of Bill Gates and his wife in TED Talk.


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