Win/Win or Win/Lose

When we were child, we used to think that if we win, it means there is somebody else who lose. For instance, when we were Elementary School student, We obtained first degree, it means somebody else got second, third, fourth, etc.

Is this Good? I don’t know exactly whether this is good or not.

The important point is don’t make this for laughing others. some people may get 9 of scale 10, but he use only 60% of his ability. On the other hand, another people may get 6 of scale 10, but he use 100% of his ability.

When we look at in general perception, First people is better than second people since first people’s score is 9, and second people’s score is 6. How if we see from other perspective (How much effort they spend for it?), We will see that second people is better. To determine which one is better, we need to consider what parameters we use.

Let me give an example of 2 people ( A & B). A is a son of rich family, he has many facilities from his parents, he could buy many books he want. B is a son of poor family. He must work since afternoon until midnight to cover his financial. A got score 90, while B got score 50. Which one is better? It depends on which side you want to see them? From their score? Will you consider the B’s effort?

In my opinion, both are winner, no one of them is looser. “A” could utilize the resources properly, while “B” shows us how struggle he is during his study. In my opinion, this conclusion is win/win paradigm, we don’t see as A is winner, and B is looser. 🙂



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